Why Us

Effective Learning

Effective learning has always been one of the main goals of the centre. Our classes are organized to provide a different learning pace that suits the students’ learning needs. Every student is well taken care of and will be given one-on-one attention from the teachers if needed.

This is possible because of small class size of not more than 8 students per class. Proper attention is paid to each and every student. At the same time, the students are provided with a comfortable and positive learning environment, making their learning more effective.

Active discussions are also carried out in the classes to encourage and prepare the students to become influential thinkers and independent learners.

Experienced Teaching Team

Our teaching team in TLC comprises of experienced and dedicated teachers. We have at least 10 years of teaching experience and are very familiar with the MOE syllabus.

We understand that every child learns differently.

Every learner will be able to understand the concepts taught in class. This is achieved through detailed explanations and diverse teaching methods to cater to their different learning needs.

An engaged child is a motivated learner.

Every learner will look forward to lessons at TLC. Our safe learning environment provides students with the confidence to raise questions to clarify their doubt. The students are equipped with the essential techniques and conceptual understanding to excel in their learning and maximize their potential.

Quality Curriculum

TLC provides top class curriculum to help benefit the students in every way, e.g., making learning consistent, giving measurable targets, creating identity, and much more. The in-house curriculum team at TLC produces well-structured teaching materials that are in line with the MOE syllabus.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-Teacher communication is one of the best tools to help parents and teachers monitor the development of a child, both academically and personally. At TLC, we do not only focus on the academic performance of our students, we also hope to help with the student’s personal development. TLC ensures effective communication that results in student growth. We work hand in hand with parents to show the student’s improvement and development.

Our Methodology

T echnique

We empower learners with critical thinking skills and impart effective problem-solving strategies and answering techniques. Acquiring the right techniques allows the learners to be more confident when tackling new challenges in their learning.

L iteracy

We aim to impart knowledge and skills regarding concepts in science and mathematics to all learners. We work to enhance every learner’s competency in identifying and understanding the role that mathematics and science play in the world so as to make well-founded judgements.

C oncept

Learners will deepen their conceptual understanding so they can grasp new ideas and then take what they learn in class and apply it to new contexts. We prepare them for real-world learning and application.