We Think, We Learn, We Conquer

The Learners’ Circle (TLC) is a premium learning academy specialising in Primary Mathematics and Science in Singapore. It comprises a team of dedicated teachers with more than 10 years of teaching experience.

Why Us

Effective Learning

Our classes have a small teacher-student ratio. This provides a positive and conducive learning environment that suits the learners’ various learning needs. There are more opportunities for increased interaction and active discourse between the teacher and the learners.

Experienced Teaching Team

Our team of caring and passionate teachers are carefully selected and well-versed with the MOE syllabus with each teacher having at least 10 years of teaching experience. As of 2022, the teachers have prepared more than 900 students for the National Examination (PSLE).

Quality Curriculum

The in-house curriculum team at TLC produces well-structured teaching materials that are in line with the latest MOE syllabus.


TLC: Technique. Literacy. Concept

TLC strives to empower learners with critical thinking skills and impart effective problem-solving strategies and answering techniques.

To impart learners with knowledge to achieve mastery in Mathematics and Science.

To enhance learners’ understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts.

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