Teacher Yvonne

I was concerned that Elena was constantly making careless mistakes and making transfer errors in Mathematics. In addition, I was also concerned that she may not grasp the mathematical concepts as she progressed the levels. Since journeying with Yvonne, Elena has enjoyed her lessons and have learnt to be more systematic in executing the questions. She has also picked up good work habits reducing her careless mistakes. Elena raves about how clear and methodical teacher Yvonne is when explaining the concepts to her making them easy to understand. She also liked that the weekly homework assigned is manageable making it easy to juggle with the rest of her homework. Elena is blessed to be taught by Yvonne as I feel she has made math fun and easy to learn and cultivate a deeper interest in the subject for Elena.

Mother of Elena (P5)
Raffles Girls Primary School

Teacher Yvonne is a highly experienced and passionate teacher. Olivia has really learnt a lot from Teacher Yvonne classes. Olivia says the methods taught are effective and she really enjoyed the lessons. I have seen significant improvement in her understanding of Math concepts and she has performed consistently well in school. Teacher Yvonne has always placed her students’ interest as her priority and in my many engagements with her, I find her approachable, sincere and accommodative. Be it onsite or online learning due to Covid-19 measures, the lessons are always well conducted in a structured manner. I am very grateful to have Teacher Yvonne to guide Olivia during this trying times where classes are switched to online mode. I highly recommend Teacher Yvonne to all parents.

Mother of Olivia Sim (P3)
Red Swastika Primary School

Not every teacher is able to explain the concepts of Math and techniques used to solve Math questions in an easy-to-understand manner for the primary school students, and Teacher Yvonne is one of such teachers!

Her approach to teaching always motivates and engages the students, inspiring them to learn in a fun and interesting environment. Yet, at the same time, she is also very results-focused. My daughter loves her classes and always looks forward to them.

In less than a year with Teacher Yvonne, she has grasped her foundations very well and made very good and steady improvements in her results. I am very confident she will continue to do well, if not better for the next few years!

Wendy Toh, Mother of Meredith Tan (P4)
Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

We are staying in Fiji temporarily due to work commitments and I am worried that Lewis might not be able to catch up with Singapore syllabus when we are back. I am very fortunate that Teacher Yvonne is able to teach Lewis online. Despite it being an online lesson, she is able to engage Lewis for the entire 1hr 30mins.

Lewis enjoys all his maths classes tremendously. He especially loves it when Teacher Yvonne challenges him to more difficult questions or what he refers to as “math riddles”. Within a few months, Lewis is no longer lagging behind and is very confident at attempting maths practice paper.

I am confident that Lewis will definitely do well when he is back in Singapore and strongly recommend Teacher Yvonne to all parents.

Chong Kai Ling, Mother of Lewis Tamara (P3)
Elias Park Primary School

Teacher Jay

I am very fortunate to have Teacher Jay as my son’s teacher to help him in his Math and Science.  Not only did Teacher Jay teach the subjects effectively and help my son excel in both subjects for PSLE, he instilled the love for learning which will definitely go a long way beyond just grades. I am very thankful that my son has become more motivated and independent under his guidance from Primary Three to Six.

Renee, Mother of Issac Khng (P6)
Rosyth School

Teacher Jay is a very good teacher who is able to explain concepts in a way that is easy to understand and that helped me improve in my math and science. I used to think that Math and Science were tough but he made me believe I can succeed and I really did. Without his help, I do not think I would have achieved so much.

Isaac Khng (P6)
Rosyth School

Lewis is studying in an international school in Fiji and we plan to go back to Singapore in December.

As what he is studying in school is completely different from Singapore syllabus, Teacher Jay managed to complete the science syllabus with Lewis in a few months time. He also revised topics that Lewis is weak in. Now Lewis is very confident in completing all his practice papers. Although it is an online lesson, Teacher Jay is able to engage Lewis and Science is undoubtedly Lewis’ favorite subject.

Teacher Jay is also a very patient and caring teacher. He constantly checks on Lewis well-being with me especially during such trying times now when we are homeschooling. Lewis is very blessed to have Teacher Jay as his science teacher and he cannot wait to meet Teacher Jay in person.

Chong Kai Ling, Mother of Lewis Tamara (P3)
Elias Park Primary School

My child has benefitted his lessons with Teacher Jay. He could understand the Mathematical concepts taught in school more clearly and was able to apply them in the practices given in school. Teacher Jay also took time and effort to identify and clarify my child’s misconceptions.  He is now in secondary school and is more confident in the subject.  Even though Teacher Jay is no longer his tutor, he shows concern by checking in on my child’s progress regularly. I really appreciate the support he has given.

Mrs Koh, Mother of Christopher Koh (P6)
Rosyth School