About Us

Our Mission

To Equip Every Student With the Tools and Skills to Build Their Empire of Knowledge

We are making every effort to revolutionize how students look at subjects that often seem difficult and complex. The Learners’ Circle’s mission is to equip every student with all the necessary tools and soft skills to be successful in this modern era.

Our Vision

To Make Every Student A Learner. To Make Every Learner Love Learning.

The learners’ circle’s vision is to make the learning journey more engaging and interesting for the students. We aim to take the learning beyond the books and open new doors to more engaging and relevant learning.

Our Story

A circle has no beginning or ending and signifies an unending cycle, a symbol of infinity. The learning journey is a continuous and passionate journey. At TLC, we do not believe in boundaries. Students and teachers learn from one another and together, we create a vibrant and conducive learning environment.